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May 1, 2010


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Do you know that the Founder and Creator of Real Winner Never Cheat, Gary King,  has a YouTube channel with all of his videos…

New videos with the most up to date news and statistics are updated regularly. Click below to visit the channel.

Gary King’s YouTube Channel

In addition, Gary’s work has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world. But what makes Gary very happy is when the children are inspired and send him videos like the ones his messages have inspired as seen below.

Zynnia Jezek Agrees That Honesty Is The Best Policy
Another video from nine year old Zynnia Jezek, who talks about the importance of telling the truth and how she helped to make a difference by holding up signs one day with Gary King in front of the local middle school which carried all of the right messages. Zynnia is proud to call Gary her Mentor.

Zynnia Jezek: Truth Through the Eyes of a Child
Gary has talked to tens of thousands of people from all ages and walks of life and has received overwhelming enthusiasm for his message at every stop. The many testimonials he has received proves that we cannot lie to ourselves and others, without it having an effect on our exterior personal lives, but also at a cellular level. Zynnia goes into detail on how the message has influenced her and she inspires you to do the same.

Zynnia Jezek From The Studio
Nine year old Zynnia Jezek speaks out on how she was influenced by her Mentor, Gary King. She speaks about his powerful messages with his websites “School Bus Solutions” and “Real Winners Never Cheat”. Much of Zynnia’s inspiration comes from watching Gary’s videos and then wanting to share powerful messages of her own.

Zynnia Jezek on the Pay Truth Forward Message
9 year old Zynnia Jezek speaks about Gary’s Pay Truth Forward CD and explains how it will help you create a major shift in consciousness as you experience the true power of living and operating from complete personal honesty and integrity. Like Gary, she knows that it is all of these experiences that are true blessings allowing these messages to be shared.

Zynnia Jezek Talks About The Bus
Another production from ZynniaTV, listen to Zynnia talk about her friend and mentor, Gary King, whose mission is to bring the values of truth, integrity and ethics back into our lives… In addition, she mentions Gary’s debut of the School Bus Solutions bus and her call to action inviting others to come show their support!

Truth Rocks & Honesty Rocks HFCA Talent Show.
Two little girls inspired by their mentor, Gary King. Performed by 1st graders Mary Catherine & Karolina. The girls inspired everyone and challenged all of the audience members  to do the “24 Hour Truth Challenge” on ThePowerOfTruth website.  Rocks were passed out as a reminder to tell the truth.

Mary Catherine on Telling The Truth
Mary Catherine was so inspired by Gary King’s message of truth that she is sharing it at the talent show at Holy Family Catholic Academy.  The purpose of “Green Goes To School” is to educate simple ways to go green in our environment and our world and to create a legacy and make the world a better place.

Kytka “Kit” Hilmar-Jezek Talks To Gary King
Kytka “Kit” Hilmar-Jezek, author of Reiki for Children visits with Gary King of and Gary gives a preview of what he will be contributing to the new edition of the book Reiki For Children. Gary’s message have a profound influence on youth and are very important, especially today.

*Gary welcomes the submission of your videos to help spread the messages of Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Character…

Please send the url of your videos to Gary’s attention here:

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